Rebates for Multifamily/HOA Communities

Owning and managing a multifamily community demands a lot of time. Owners and managers are always looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs and utility expenses, while providing a safe and profitable community.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs offer a large variety of energy-saving rebates. These rebates conserve energy and also reduce maintenance costs while improving the security of your community.

Utility rebates help your community in:

– Conserving energy and reducing your utility bills
– Increasing profits by decreasing operational costs
– Increase community appearance with upgraded fixtures
– Increased tenant satisfaction with higher tenant retention
– Reduce ROI with utility rebates

Save Money With Lighting Solutions

For little or no cost you can implement lighting upgrades to save energy and money immediately! By installing ENERGY STAR products you can expect to see significant savings from incandescent light fixtures.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs offer a variety of energy-saving fixtures at little or no cost. These energy efficient measures are available for most dwelling spaces, security lighting, and other common areas of your community.

Energy efficient products offered at little or no cost are:

– ENERGY STAR Fluorescent Light Fixtures
– ENERGY STAR CFL Reflector Lamps
– Fluorescent T8 Lamps & Electronic Ballasts – T12 REBATES ENDING 2012!
– LED Exit Signs (Green/Red)
– Wall Box Occupancy Sensors

Program ends November 15th, 2012!

Ceiling Mount Large
Bulb Life: 10,000 Hours
Bulb Model Type: GU24 (2)
Energy Star Compliant: Yes
Light Output: 950 Lumens per Lamp
Wattage: 2×18 Watts (36 Watts)
Warranty: 2 Years